Welcome to the Dolphins

Established in 1992, The Eastern Suburbs Baseball Club, ‘The Dolphins’, fosters and develops players in the game of baseball. The Dolphins home is at Chifley in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, with two dedicated diamonds, enclosed dugouts and scorers areas, as well as a canteen and amenities.

We are a large club offering teams in both the junior and adult levels of baseball. Our in-house T-ball accepts players from 6-8yrs for the summer season. Whilst our junior teams, from 8 to 16yrs play in the summer competition run by the Cronulla Sutherland Junior Baseball Association. Our winter academy is a 10 week program offered to 8+yr players, focusing on core skill development.

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The Adult teams play all year round with the summer and winter competitions organised by Cronulla Sutherland Adult Minor League Baseball Association and St George Baseball Association (respectively).



Henry Twaddell

Vice President

Troy Vigil


Angela Walsh


Martin Haglund

General Committee Members

Laura Ross

Kathy Evans

Andrew Billing

Committee Meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of each month. If you wish to attend please email our Club Secretary to confirm start time and register your attendance.

Member Protection Information Officer

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) play an important role in sport. They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures – they are the ‘Go To’ person if you want to confidentially discuss a problem at our Club, including: Complaint resolution procedures, Member Protection and the Law, Child Protection, Harassment and Discrimination, Ethical and Practical Considerations.

Our MPIO is Rachel Pelikan, please contact her at any time, in confidence, at: rachydon@hotmail.com or M: 0409 071 145.

Life Members

Daryl Trezise

Lillian Pirschell, RIP

Peter Neads

Bob Pirschell

Rosemary Neads

David Tomas

Henry Twaddell

David Hechter

Martin Haglund

Life membership is a high honour we bestow for distinguished service to the club by players, coaches, administrators, honorary officials and volunteers.


Code of Conduct

All club officials, spectators and players are expected to abide by this code of conduct for the enjoyment of the game of baseball. Everyone who watches or participates in the game has the right to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

Scorers Pitch Count Sheet and Results Sheet can be found in our Scorers section