Junior & Tball Registration Guide

Baseball NSW uses Gameday/ Passport to manage player registration. Following is a step-by-step guide for registering players.
If you have a debit or credit card that you can use for on-line registration then proceed to the next step, otherwise contact our registrar to arrange registration and payment another way. You will need to provide the Active Kids Voucher number, the childs name, birth date and your bank BSB and account numbers.

PLEASE NOTE: If your registration date for junior summer baseball/T-Ball is before Tuesday 25th July, you can register on the link below. From Tuesday 25th July do not register unless you contact the club’s JUNIOR REGISTRAR es.juniorbaseball@hotmail.com and that person has confirmed via email the club has a team vacancy. If you proceed to register without that email confirmation, we may not be able to place the player in a team, and fees paid to Baseball NSW and to Baseball Australia cannot be refunded (that is their policy).


Go to registration: login to Gameday/Passport

Gameday/Passport will ask you how many ADULTS and how many children you want to register.
It defaults to ADULTS=1 and CHILDREN=0. If you are registering 1 child, set ADULTS=0, CHILDREN= 1 or more [ to register several children at once- common data will auto-populate for each child]. You will then be asked for your email address. Gameday/Passport will attempt to match it with any prior baseball registrations. If it does find a match it will ask for your password, and then show a registration screen.
If it cannot find an email address match, it will ask you to select from two buttons:
“YES, I’M NEW” – [ you will be sent an email to validate that email address]. If you are new to baseball, or if you want to use another email address, just follow the prompt screens.
“NO I’VE REGISTERED BEFORE” – [you will be asked to enter the email address you think you previously used registering with Baseball NSW/our club – follow the prompt screens].
[If you need to change your Baseball NSW account email address complete the form at this link ]
Products to be purchased will be displayed automatically that match the person being registered’s date-of-birth. If registering a new PLAYER you will see 3 products displayed, as in this example. [BNSW= Baseball NSW fee; BA= Baseball Australia fee; ESB = Eastern Suburbs Jnr Baseball fee].
BNSW Capitation- BNSW League Age $
BA Capitation - BA League Age $
ESB club product name $
Total $
If you are registering a player for winter development who played summer, then they will only see the Eeastern Suburbs Baseball club product name displayed. If the player did not play summer, you will see 3 products pre-selected.

If you expect to see 3 products but don’t, DO NOT PROCEED to payment. You may have wrongly entered a date-of-birth or the date-of-birth is out of the permitted range. Refer to the Registration Fees table, which shows fees and date-of-birth ranges permitted. Otherwise contact the junior registrar on es.juniorbaseball@hotmail.com

You must pay to register a Player. If you decide not to proceed with payment, when you next log in, you will need to re-enter the player information.

TIPS when applying the Active Kids Voucher (AKV):

Multiple children can be registered at the one log-in. For each child, that child’s voucher number is recorded before proceeding to register a second (and any subsequent) child. You may choose to Register one player at a time for simplicity.

DO NOT cancel or CLICK BACK ARROW during the payment process after you have input and applied the AKV details. If you need to cancel, the voucher number may become “used” so when you try to register again the voucher will be un-usable and you will not automatically get the voucher discount. It then has to be manually sorted. The rules do not allow Baseball NSW to provide cash refunds for AKV’s, typical resolution so far is a voucher manual discount off next season, or some other, registration.

Your child’s first and last names and birthdate need to match what you advised Service NSW when you claimed your voucher and the voucher number needs to be the same as that from Service NSW. Name must also match exactly the name of person being registered in Gameday. The birth year may be automatically taken from your earlier League Age selection so should match your child’s birth year provided to Service NSW, so do select the correct League Age. If all the information that you input to Gameday/Passport does not match Service NSW then your registration fee might not get discounted.

Active Kids Vouchers are claimed only after you click PAY NOW. If you started a registration and added your AKV details and then had to stop for some reason; if you try again, the system says the AKV has been used. But it has not. The AKV is “held” in the system after it’s validity was checked, however it does not get claimed until you press PAY NOW. If the voucher seems to be held and unusable, you can either wait 24 hours for the voucher to be released and try again. Or you can use a private or incognito browser and re-register.

If you still have difficulty registering or if your voucher has become unusable, contact our junior registrar (es.juniorbaseball@hotmail.com).


When registered, you will receive an automatic email confirming registration. If you do not receive that email, first check your junk email folders and if you did not get it then contact our junior registrar, es.juniorbaseball@hotmail.com