Adult Registration Guide

Baseball NSW uses Gameday/Passport system to register all players. Below is a step-by-step guide for registration.


For the summer season, if the date is on or before 1 September and for the winter season the date is on or before 1 April, then please proceed to step 2. If you wish to register after either of the above dates, please contact our Registrar.  If there are confirmed vacancies then proceed to step 2.

PLEASE NOTE:  Online registration and payment closes COB 30th July. From the 31st July please register on our standby list while we finalise teams. We will do our very best to fit you into a team. We will confirm via email advising your next steps.

If you proceed to register without that email confirmation, we may not be able to place the player in a team, and fees paid to Baseball NSW and to Baseball Australia cannot be refunded (that is their policy).


If you have a debit or credit card that you can use for online registration then proceed to step 3. 

Otherwise contact the registrar to arrange registration and payment in another way. You will need to provide the players name, birth date and your bank BSB and account numbers.


Log in to either the SUMMER OR WINTER Gameday/Passport registration platforms below.


Gameday/Passport will ask you how many ADULTS and how many CHILDREN you want to register. You will then be asked for your email address. Gameday/Passport will attempt to match it with any prior baseball registrations. If it does find a match it will ask for your password, and then show a registration screen. If it cannot find an email address match, it will ask you to select from two buttons:
“YES, I’M NEW” – [ you will be sent an email to validate that email address]. If you are new to baseball, or if you want to use another email address, just follow the prompt screens.
“NO I’VE REGISTERED BEFORE” – [you will be asked to enter the email address you think you previously used registering with Baseball NSW/our club].
[If you need to change your Baseball NSW account email address contact ]
Products available to be purchased will be displayed automatically that match the person being registered’s date-of-birth (dob). BNSW Capitation (Baseball NSW fee) and BA ( Baseball Australia fee) will appear preselected if you have NOT previously registered for the year (September to August of the following year). ESB = Eastern Suburbs Baseball products (1 or more will be listed).
BNSW Capitation- BNSW senior $
BA Capitation - BA senior $
ESB products - ESB bball adult $
ESB products - ESB bball adult-lead coach $
If more than one ESB club product appears with a “[]” then you need to choose at least one of those product/s you want to purchase.
DO NOT PROCEED to payment if you are not able to see the product/s you are expecting. You may have wrongly entered a player DOB or the DOB is out of the permitted product range. Or you may have forgotten to select one of the product “[]” listed. Refer to the Registration Fees table below which shows product names, fees and dob ranges permitted.
You must make payment to finalise registration. If you decide not to proceed with payment, when you next log in you will need to re-enter some information.


When registered and paid, you will receive an automatic email confirmation that you have registered with Eastern Suburbs Baseball and Cronulla Minor League Baseball (for summer) or St George Baseball (for winter). If you do not receive that email, first check your junk email folders, if you have still not received confirmation, then contact our registrar.