We need your Help

Are you good on a bbq, or handy with food service in a canteen?

Would you like to coach, be an assistant coach, or team manager?

Is a working bee your thing? Are you a proud lawn carer and can help with field preparation?

When you register to play, we ask that you please consider where you may be able to lend a hand in making game days fun and rewarding for all of us.


QC Baseball offer a website full of valuable coaching information and resources specific to baseball.

Get your coaching accreditation

Obtaining one’s coach accreditation is an obligatory requirement of both Baseball Australia and Baseball NSW. This requirement applies to coaches, assistant coaches, and “specialist” coaches. Baseball NSW offers three (3) levels of accreditation, levels A, B and C – A is a free course. We encourage any parents interested in getting involved to start getting their accreditation.

The Young Coaches Development Program

The Young Coach Development (YCD) program which involves training young players, 14yrs and older, into Assistant Coaches. The player is paired with a Lead Coach with a competitive team where the trainee learns coaching skills. All trainees are encouraged to obtain their Level 2 Coaching Accreditation Certificate, the costs of the course are endorsed by the club and refunded once the trainee is successfully Accredited.

This is a great opportunity for younger players, for more information read the Young Coaches Development Program information sheet, and contact David Hechter on hechterd@stgeorge.com.au if you wish to enrol.


Umpire Training is important and without supervision, poor habits often develop preventing you from achieving your potential and ultimately impacting on your enjoyment while umpiring.

The NSW Baseball Umpire Association provide a structured training program and supervision of you while you are umpiring (being paid to be trained). With Baseball Australia Umpire instructors readily available to assist you, often as your partner working a game, NSW Baseball Umpire Association provides you with the best team of qualified instructors to help you reach your full potential. The NSW Baseball Umpire Association website has a library of information and course details.


Scorers have the best seat in-the-house and it’s a fun way to see the game. If you’re interested in learning to score, whether you are a beginner or with to advance your skills, please contact the association to begin your journey.

The NSW Baseball Scorers Association website also offers free training booklets for review and assistance, a great resource at the start of a new season.

Below are scoring sheets you will need for each game. Print them off as needed.

Pitch Count Sheet

Used to record each pitch played in a game of player pitch.

CSJBA Score Sheet

Official results sheet to be completed and submitted at the end of each game. The score sheet, once completed and signed by the umpire, is to be emailed to the Club Results Manager, esjblresults@gmail.com

When submitting your team score sheet, in the email subject line include:
ESJB, then – your team grade and level, eg. ESJB LL Majors
Your team opponents, eg. ESJB LL Majors v. Giants
Your teams short result, eg. ESJB LL Majors v. Giants – WIN