Juniors Leagues

Eastern Suburbs Baseball Club welcomes children aged 6 years old and over to join our Club and come play baseball.

As a general guideline players fall into the following age groups:

Age 6-8 T-Ball
Age 8-10 Machine-pitched baseball, Zooka
Age 10-16 Player pitched baseball

To align with the Little League age brackets globally, Baseball NSW player ‘league ages’ will with are determined by date-of-birth between 1st September to 31 August. Baseball NSW competitions are therefore based around a child’s ‘League Age’. To assist determine your child’s League Age, Baseball NSW has a Player Age Matrix.

Registration is made via Gameday/ Passport, more information can be found on our Registration page.

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Summer Season

Player registration opens early July.

Teams are finalised by late July, so please register early. Team and coach announcements are made at the start of August, and training commences later in the month.

Team training nights are either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays, with day and time being coordinated by your coach. Weekly training sessions are held at our Chifley baseball fields.

The summer season runs from early September to mid-December with a summer break and resumes in late January or early February through to March (including playoffs). Our Machine Pitch and above teams play in the Cronulla Sutherland Junior Baseball League. T-Ball is an in-house competition.

T-Ball (6-8 years)

T-Ball is a fun in-house competition run for younger and/or first time players. T-Ball is the perfect introduction to a summer sport for children where they will learn the fundamental skills of throwing and catching, skills they will retain for the rest of their lives.

During the season players will start by learning the basic skills of throwing, catching and hitting off a baseball tee. On Saturday game days, players will play games lasting 55 minutes. The games are designed so that everyone gets an opportunity to bat and field in every innings and the focus is purely on having fun and supporting the players in their love of the game.

Training and games are all played at our home fields in Chifley.

Game times: Saturday’s 9.00am and 10am.

T-Ball Registration Fees $180.00 – $190.00inc.GST.

All players will receive a free baseball glove and playing uniform consisting of a t-shirt and cap included in their registration fees.

Little League, Machine-pitch Zooka (8-9 years)

After players have experienced and learnt the basics of baseball, they progress to hitting a moving ball. In order to keep the speed of play and allow for everyone to have a chance we use soft balls thrown by a Zooka machine.

Eastern Suburbs Junior Baseball teams play in the Cronulla Sutherland Junior Association competition, competing weekly with other registered Clubs.

Game days: Saturday, with start times and venues dependant on the CSJBA draw.

Little League, Machine-pitch Zooka Registration Fees $260.00 – $270.00inc.GST.

Little League, Minors (10-11 years)

Little League Minor is the players’ first introduction to player pitched baseball. Players are coached in pitching, catching and fielding skills.

Game days: Saturday, with start times and venues dependant on the CSJBA draw.

Little League, Minors Registration Fees $260.00 – $280.00inc.GST.

Beyond Little League Minor the players progress to larger fields and slightly modified rules, with each step becoming closer in playing adult rules of baseball.

Little League, Major (LLM) (10-12 years)

Little League Majors have developed more skills, pitch faster and hit further. Balls are normal 9″ baseballs for this level baseball and above age groups.

Players are developing their skills in their preferred field positions, with targeted coaching.

Game days: Saturday, with start times and venues dependant on the CSJBA draw.

Little League, Majors Registration Fees $260.00 – $280.00inc.GST.

Intermediate League (11-13 years)

Intermediate League is a transition for players between the standard Little League sized field and the larger Junior League sized field.

Game days: Saturday, with start times and venues dependant on the CSJBA draw.

Intermediate League Registration Fees $260.00 – $280.00inc.GST.

Junior League (12-14 years)

Junior League is played on a larger field than Little League with pitching speed faster and further than lower leagues.

Game days: Saturday, with start times and venues dependant on the CSJBA draw.

Junior League Registration Fees $260.00 – $280.00inc.GST.

Senior League (13-16 years)

Senior League is the final league level before players transition to Adult competition. Games are played on an Adult sized diamond and is a fast and competitive league level.

Game days: Saturday, with start times and venues dependant on the CSJBA draw.

Senior League Registration Fees $270.00 – $300.00inc.GST.

Uniforms and protective equipment

Club uniform consists of an Eastern Suburbs playing jersey, grey pants, Eastern Suburbs cap, red and white socks and a black belt. All uniform requirements can be purchased on uniform sale days.

A baseball glove is required, T-Ballers receive their first glove free with their uniform.

No special shoes are required for T-Ball through to Machine Pitch, running shoes are acceptable (no open toed shoes). Little League Minor to Junior League players may consider shoes with only moulded plastic (not metal) studs or cleats, while Senior League players can wear metal cleats.

Protective crotch protectors are required for all age divisions, other than T-Ball.

Batters in all age divisions must wear protective helmets. Protective helmets are supplied by the Club or players may wear their personal helmet, blue or black.

You can purchase baseball protective equipment from specialty shops such as Diamond One or Red Stitches. Rebel also stock some items.

Catchers’ protective equipment is supplied by the Club to all teams. Players can use their personal catcher’s equipment if they prefer,


We provide baseball bats for all teams, however players prefer to use their own bat. If you are purchasing a bat, please seek guidance from your team coach. Guidelines for Australian Standards are listed in the CSJBA Rule Book.

If not using wood, ensure your bat has the appropriate markings/stamps for your division.

There are detailed bat selection guides on the internet and we also recommend seeking advice from your local expert retailers (eg. Diamond One or Red Stitches are popular) to help zero in on the right bat for you or your child. Just ensure you meet the association specification for your division.

* Please note that all opinions and examples of bats on this guide are given by experienced club members to assist with pointing you in the right direction when purchasing a bat. Ultimately the decision is yours. Assosication requirements must be met to be able to use the bat in club related activities or games.


The season draw and current standings can be found on the Cronulla Sutherland Junior Baseball Association Competition page.

Code of Conduct

All club officials, spectators and players are expected to abide by the code of conduct.

Everyone who watches or participates in the game has the right to be treated fairly, with dignity and respect. Please share this code with your child/ren.

Please click here for The Code of Conduct.

Junior Baseball Rules

Baseball rules are governed by the following rule books:

This order is the priority of acceptance. For example, where a rule is outlined in “CSJBA Rules of Baseball” these will take precedence over the other Rule Books. The CSJBA Rule Book should cover 95% or more of situations faced by a coach.